What is Specialty Coffee? +Picture of not specialty coffee

The elaborate design in lattes. The café filled with Edison bulbs. The tattooed & bearded barista. The cool looking science laboratory looking brewing device. A famous food critic was recently quoted to say that he didn’t want his coffee made by the barista with the man-bun. But none of these things are what Specialty Coffee is. +Picture of Coffee Tree Simply put, Specialty Coffee is the best coffee in the world. It is the highest standard there is for coffee. Coffee tasters score coffees on a scale of 100 points to evaluate their positive and delicious qualities. Only coffees that score 80 or above can be called “Specialty Coffee.” Anything lower is your big commercial brand coffee you can find anywhere. If the score is higher, it’s more delicious. At an average, Specialty coffee is sold 300% more than fair trade value. These coffees can only come from select, high elevation, quality focused, hard working producers. Only through great producers and farmers is specialty coffee able to exist. Our goal at Story coffee is respect that quality and to serve the best coffee we possibly can. We’re dedicated to this because we think the taste is worth drinking and celebrating. But, at the end of the day, we hope you enjoy your cup of coffee!