Why We Serve Coffee As a Pour Over

You might be wondering why someone would pay more money to get their coffee made in those manual coffee brewers that you see on the menu. You might have heard that this is the best way to make filter coffee and that’s why they do it. But the fact is that machines are great at making coffee and some even argue that the machines are better because they are more consistent.

Well, then why the heck should you ever get a pour over coffee at a coffee shop? There 2 good reasons you should:

1. Variety With the pour over, you have more choices on what coffee to drink. Usually, most shops, like us, serve 1 coffee on the batch brewer all day. By choosing the pour over, you get to choose the coffee to your preferences. Feeling a classic chocolaty, caramel, nutty coffee? Or maybe you’re looking for that fruit-bomb coffee with berries and citrus notes. It’s up to you!

2. Freshness We brew a new batch every hour and keep it in a thermal carafe to keep it nice and warm. But this doesn’t stop the coffee from losing its freshness. As minutes pass, the organic compounds in the coffee slowly break down and begin to stale. Of course, you may not notice anything for many minutes passed. But if you order a pour over, it’s made to order. Once you tell us you want it, we begin to prepare it. It takes longer to get the cup to you but for good reason. It is as fresh as it could be!

So remember, buying coffee from the big batch brewer isn’t bad. In fact, we encourage it! Manual pour overs have their place in our shop and this is why we do it. If done properly, manual pour overs taste great producing coffees that are nice and clean from the paper filter with the refined acidity and flavor able to shine through. But don’t just take my word for it. Go try it for yourself. Taste and compare, and most of all, enjoy and have fun. But as to how to do a pour over properly, we will have to wait for another post!